At its simplest, a bell is a musical instrument, albeit one that only plays one note. When struck, either by an internal clapper or by an external object such as a mallet, it resonates and produces sound. The size, shape and material from which the bell is constructed determines the pitch at which the device will sound. Usually made from either forged or cast metal, bells have been around for hundreds of years, if not a thousand. It's one of the earliest man-made musical instruments.

That's a broad description; bells are everywhere and come in all shapes, sizes and uses. If you have a bunch of different bells with handles and different pitches, you have an instrument on which you can play a melody. If you hang one in a church or school, you have something to summon worshippers or students. If you hang one in a fire station, it's a device that's used to alert firemen that there's an emergency at hand. And if you hang one on your mantel or outside your home, you've got a beautiful decorative work of art that's also, in a pinch, functional. There are many large bells of historical significance, and everyone seems to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into creating a nice bell.

While there aren't too many people who collect bells, aside from small glass or ceramic decorative ones, many people buy bells for all kinds of reasons. For older homes, they may add a touch of nostalgia to the home's décor. Others many want one for functional use to call children home from playtime. Their uses are pretty varied, and there is no typical buyer for bells today. While their most common use is for decorative use, people have many reasons for buying them. Some are collectors of antiques, and bells that were formerly used on ships, particularly noteworthy ones, or railroads or churches are of particular interest to buyers. Other buyers are interested in examples of bells made by a particular company, some, such as the Cleveland Bell Company, were noted for making high quality bells.

Many older bells are available online on sites such as eBay. Finding them isn't necessarily the problem, however, as there are plenty of them for sale. Old buildings such as schools and churches get torn down all the time and when that happens, their bells become available. The problem for buyers sometimes comes when they realize just how heavy their purchases are and how much it will cost to get them shipped. It's not unknown for larger models to weigh as much as a thousand pounds! Shipping isn't the only issue, as once it arrives, you have to find a place to display it and make sure that your mechanism for doing so is sturdy enough to support your purchase.

Fortunately, the answers you need for such things and the equipment to do it are available online and a bit of searching will help you find it. After all, finding that beautiful bell to display in your home, place of business or church is the hard part; shipping and mounting are much easier.

If you're fan of metal bells of any kind, have a look around. You may find a few that you like here.

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Bell book School Sleigh Church Bronze Cast Iron Antique
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School Or Church Hand Brass Bell c1890 Long Wooden Original Handle 14 Tall
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Cast Iron Bell DONGER Yoke Part Dinner Farm Church PARTS
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Cast Iron Dinner Bell Farm Church School 2 Antique Vintage Style HD BELL
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